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Are you limiting your customer reach by only using sales people and marketing? Today, transportation buyers are increasingly searching for freight forwarders and solutions online. When they do, will they find your products? If so, will they book them?

Why sell transportation online?

Selling transportation online is proven to increase return of sales to up to three times the industry average. Using this additional sales channel will not only reduce freight forwarder’s cost of sales, it will also increase productivity by standardising the booking process and eliminating the risk of outstanding payments.

Transporteca has more than 10,000 shipping requests per month. When offering your services online, you will participate in all those requests, with the ability to match your products. With our instant pricing engine, your services and rates are offered to potential customers automatically. You won’t spend a minute on quoting.

When you win a booking, you and your network are immediately notified, and you can start working on the shipment without worrying about the solidity of the customers – Transporteca has already handled the payment on your behalf.

If you want to change your services or prices, you can update them online in real-time. As all bookings are spot shipments, there is no reason to consider price validity.

Imagine, by simply offering LCL services from China to UK, you get immediate access to 35,000 annual bookings by SMEs. What would happen if you also added trucking from Italy, express services to the USA, or all the services in your portfolio?

How does it work?

Transporteca is all about simplicity. We make it easy for freight forwarders, to start selling their services online.

We give you real-time control of your transportation services through our own dedicated Transporteca dashboard, hosted on our secure servers.
Adjust your charges and freight rates to match your capacity and pricing strategy in real-time.
Bookings arrive complete and standardised with all payments made upfront.

What do we expect?

It is simple: Customers on Transporteca expect to receive the service they pay for. We expect you to deliver that service.

Besides maintaining your service offering on your dedicated Transporteca dashboard, there are a few formal requirements for participation:

You can only offer recognised transportation products online, where you work through your own network or established partnership agents.
You must be prepared to deliver a superior service to online customers, where pro-active communication is a key component.
You should be open to receive ratings and reviews of your services, which Transporteca makes publicly available.
There are no requirements for milestone visibility, but in case of delay, by either you, your agents or shippers, notification with corrective actions must immediately be offered to the customer.

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Ready to get started?

If you are a medium-sized or large freight forwarder or trucking company, with an established and recognized transportation product in at least a few trades, and interested in offering you services on Transporteca – the process is simple:

  1. Send us a short introduction of your company and the services you intend offering online. Details available on our contact page.
  2. A representation from Transportace will contact you for verification of your services
  3. When you forwarder profile has been created on Transporteca, you will receive log-in details for your dedicated control panel
  4. You setup services and pricing you wish to offer online

When you have accepted our terms & conditions, your services are online for customers to start booking. Maintenance of services and rates is simple and intuitive on your control panel. Transporteca was developed to make it easy for customer booking transportation and freight forwarders and trucking companies to receive online bookings.

Once your application has been approved, you can have your first services online within 90 minutes.

What sets Transporteca apart?

Still not convinced? If you are considering different options for selling your services online, please see below for a few reasons to choose to partner with Transporteca.

Transporteca is the only instant pricing portal covering both sea freight, trucking and express services for freight forwarders in Europe.
When partnering with Transporteca, you can have your transportation services online within 90 minutes. No need to do any in-house systems development.
With your dedicated Transporteca dashboard, you have complete control of the services and rates your offer online.
There is no risk in offering your transportation services on Transporteca – you pay only for the bookings your get.
Transporteca already has success in Scandinavia, and is now expanding into the rest of Europe.

We look forward to hearing from you!